Anti-Dating Simulation Game inspired by "Gator Butchering for Beginners"
made in Illustrator and Adobe XD (App is playable - please try it out!)
For Good Luck
Creative Direction: Olivia Horan
Graphic Design: Julia Feingold
For Good Luck Logo Design
For Good Luck Tag Design 
hand silkscreened onto fabric
For Good Luck Postcard Design
hand silkscreened
Baskerville Zine & Essay
RISO CULT: A Student Run Risograph Member Printshop
Creative Direction: Julia Feingold
Type Design and Logo Design: Logan Heffernan 
Membership Cards and HOW TO RISO Sheet
Designed by Julia Feingold
Type Design by Logan Heffernan
Risograph Printed and Scanned
Stickers for the Risograph
Designed by Julia Feingold​​​​​​​
Event Posters
for various events
Speculative Wearable Hearing Aid Poster Design​​​​​​​
Jose Limon Dance Foundation Brand Redesign
designed by Julia Feingold
Business Cards and Desktop Web Design
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